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High Action Core Activities

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Dozens of activity options – beach, land, rocks & ropes, water, challenge & initiatives – day & night time, indoor & outdoor options. A great selection of whole group supervised night time programs. Active recreation and educational/curriculum based programs. Fully qualified and accredited program staff. All activities conducted to strict Risk Assessments.



Most people see Abseiling as an activity for the brave and fearless, but this is not the case. There is a perception of extreme danger, which is not warranted when professional instructors run the activity. Abseiling will help develop trust and self-confidence.



Sweetdales’ Amazing Race takes participants on an adventure through parts of Sweet Val grass and bush fields, working in small groups; teams must undertake a variety of tasks to gain points for their team. The sessions can be tailored to any specific age group by offering a varying degree of difficulty in tasks and length of the challenge. This is a great activity to bring team work together with fun, highly competitive challenges.



This is one of the most popular traditional school camp activities that can be enjoyed by students regardless of age, ability or skill level. Using an array of bows suited to specific age and participant abilities under skilled supervision, this activity is sure to hit the mark.



Designed for fun and laughter to wear energetic campers out, games are tailored to suit the groups age and program objectives, including traditional beach relays and competitions. Visiting the beach is a must, particularly for non-coastal schools. Conducted at St Michaels and Margate Shore patrolled beach, approximately 10-minute drive from Camp. This activity does not involve free swimming, though participants may get wet during some games.



If you want the full Banana Farm, Coffee and Crocodile Farm experience we can organise your half day tour to one of the Banana, Coffee and Crocodile Farms. Your exclusive tour will take your group on a memorable half day in to a Banana and/or Coffee plantation, the packing and processing facilities and to the nearby Crocodile Farm, combined with exploring Banana processing and Life habits of Crocodiles and venoms’ Snakes with experienced and knowledgeable instructors. Price is available on application and departs from the Camp.



The Body Boarding Program is a great introduction to surf skills aimed at Primary and High School aged students. Students are taught how to catch waves, control, and learn to turn on the body boards. Body boards are supplied.



Bush Skills is a practical activity teaching participants skills and knowledge about surviving in the bush and emergency situations. It includes hands on activities such as fire lighting without matches, shelter construction, damper , water collection, navigation, bush tucker and transporting a patient over various terrains. Proving to be a popular activity for all age groups this activity utilises the natural bush lands.



Visit local landmarks and iconic views while completing a fully guided hiking experience with GPS navigational units and radios. This activity is perfect to combine with other offsite activities i.e raft building, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, abseiling and bush craft.



We provide all the essential equipment for a genuine camping experience. Our staff will instruct participants in all the key aspects of camping including, site allocation, tent erecting, food preparation and camp fire cooking. Students work, cook and sleep in small groups and get to appreciate the thrill of camping in the great outdoors.



Incorporating the history and use of catapults in medieval wars, participants are taught basic knot tying skills and design methods. Building their own team catapult, they can then test their skills by shooting sponges at each other utilising the enclosed facilities of the game court. This activity can be a great prelude to Raft Building.



This session focuses strongly on team work and communication as participants work through various initiative games. Conceptual blockbusting and lateral thinking is required to complete these sessions as well as a sense of fun and adventure. Initiative sessions challenge groups to think outside the box and work together to develop practical solutions to increasingly complex problem solving challenges. This activity is targeted for Grade 6-7 Primary, High School students & Adult groups



Covers all the most popular court sports, such as Basketball, Netball, Volleyball, Soccer and Rugby.
* Combo activity – Can select two (2) activities to combine into two (2) hour session.



A great time for participants to design and create their own team names, banners and flags.
* Combo activity – Can select two (2) activities to combine into three (3) hour session.
* Can be conducted as day or night time activity.



Take a leisurely stroll through our local surrounds as our leaders discuss the ecology of the area. Topics include: ecosystems, adaptations of organisms, transition of environments, bush food & remedies, catchment health, foreign invaders & impact of human activity on the environment. This activity can be tailored to fit into any environmental subject students are currently studying at school and is modified to suit the age group. Various environmental activities are also enjoyed to further enhance group’s knowledge and understanding of environmental issues.
* Can be conducted as day or night time activity.



Includes all enjoyed field games, such as Soccer, AFL, Rugby, Cricket and Lacrosse.
* Combo activity – Can select two (2) activities to combine into three (3) hour session.



Hand Surfing is designed for swimmers of all skill levels to enjoy the surf within their own safety zones. All students will be taught correct swim stroke, the art of hand surfing, signs for safe and unsafe areas to swim. This activity is aimed for all age group students.



Taking the challenges of the Mid Ropes to a greater height. The course features a number of elements that students must work together to belay each other and work their way through the different obstacles on each element. Developed for older, more able participants this activity focuses on communication and personal challenges, as the ground support encourages and checks the safety of the climber. Suitable for Grade 7 to Adults.



This activity offers the opportunity to learn useable skills, have fun and develop an understanding and appreciation of the waters. Kayaking is an activity that can be successfully mastered by students of all ages and encourages the development of communication, support and teamwork.



Cables, logs and ropes run throughout the trees for participants to challenge themselves in different ways, approximately 30 cm off the ground. This activity requires team trust through a series of exercises. Participants do not wear harnesses therefore the use of spotting by team- mates is a must. The low ropes are accompanied with an introduction session where the participants must demonstrate a series of basic trust exercise before being allowed on the course.



Used as a tool for personal growth, the unique design of this challenge ropes course allows individuals of all ages and abilities to be included and challenged. The course is a blend of activities designed to challenge individuals and build supportive teams. Students then have the option of climbing up and flying down on the Flying Fox (Zipline).



Generally recommended for the first night of a program to tire out excited campers and help settle them in for the night. Night games can be run either indoors or outdoors and focus on team building, problem solving or just good fun. Then debrief (with some toasted marshmallows) around the camp fire is the perfect time to discuss camp focus or program goals.



We offer a range of whole group supervised activities. Each night time activity is two (2) hours in duration.
SUPERVISED CAMP FIRE – Enjoy a camp fire under the stars in our specially designed fire pit. Our staff will supervise all the safety aspects of the fire.
DANCE NIGHT – Rock the night away with our in house DJ.
Talent Night – Our staff will MC your very own talent show.
TRIVIA/QUIZ NIGHT – Test your knowledge with our Quiz Master.
FASHION PARADE – Set your theme and have some fun.
LOTTO MATCH – Fantasy Lotto evening, just great fun.



How do you teach math skills in the outdoors? Hand out the compasses and we’re set to have fun in the sun learning your place in space. This session looks at compass use, pacing, recording data and working together as a team. Once participants grasp the concept of compass use and map reading they set off in small team to navigate their way around the camp site and through the bush to find specific check point cards. A great primer for the Radio Rogaine Course (Smart phones) and can also be coupled with other activities for a split session.



This activity is conducted at our on-site swimming pool at Camp.



Raft Building involves group problem solving, teamwork and construction skills. Basic instruction in knot tying and lashing is included. Participants are then required to construct rafts from resources provided and complete set challenges using their vessels. A fun and often wet session, fostering teamwork and friendly competition.



This activity can cater from beginners to expert climbers with multiple climbing routes, depending on the participant’s ability. Our qualified instructors will give climbers one-on-one tips and techniques to ensure they get the most out of their ability.



Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUPs) is a great activity giving participants a fun filled session that will keep them engaged and thrilled the entire session. Participants have the opportunity to paddle at their own leisure or join in on team challenges run by our qualified Staff.



Together Everyone Achieves More as groups rise to the challenge and fun of our many adventurous scenarios. On the educational side these sessions focus on developing the 5 Cs of team functioning: Communication (1), Co-operation (2), Commitment (3), Care (4) and Concern (5). Groups have to work together negotiating solutions to increasingly and sometimes hysterical challenges. Recommended for Primary students only.
* Combo activity – Can select two (2) activities to combine into three (3) hour session.
* Can be conducted as day or night time activity.



A great team work activity requiring all participants to work together as each team member attempts to reach the top of the Giants Ladder (Jacobs Ladder).



Fast Facts

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Ideal located, 3km from Margate Beach, settled in the heart of a natural, unspoilt bush vegetation, within a 120ha poperty, approx. 120km from Durban. on the beautiful South Coast. 

Accommodation for up to 230 pax in comfortable unique dormitory style Doms. For special occasion (events, functions) we can accommodate up to 500 pax. Separate leader's / teacher’s rooms. On site Camp Manager available 24/7.

Full service on site catering. Selection of meal plans and special diets catered.

Dozens of activity options – beach, land, rocks & ropes, water, challenge & initiatives – day & night time, indoor & outdoor options. A great selection of whole group supervised night time programs. Active recreation and educational/curriculum based programs. Fully qualified and accredited program staff. All activities conducted to strict Risk Assessments.

Conference hall with seating up to 200.  TV and DVD facilities. Leaders Lounge and Leaders Tea Garden. Swimming pool available for use during free time. Chapel Area – tranquil bush setting with seating for 90 people. Sports packs available for use during free time.

Purpose built 12 meter climbing & abseiling tower and High Rope Courses. Beach based programs. On site introduction to camping. Off site multi night camp outs. Individual and outcome specific program design for every client. Sequential programming to build on core personal development outcomes – leadership, team building, personal responsibility, self reliance and communication. Students with special needs – our activity programs can be modified to ensure inclusion for all students.


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Training for Earning - Skills for Work

Practical Training 

Sweetdale Skills Center, within the organisation rsw Develoment, is a fully registered NPO/PBO.  

The organization want's to improve the lives of disadvantaged youth, women and disabled people with employable skills. They envisage encouraging communities to participate in the economy of South Africa, with the aim of improving their living conditions. As part of practical training for qualified artisans, we intend to, amongst others, renovate houses for people from indigent families and in particular, senior citizens in the communities. Sweetdale Skills Center will also be developing and coaching newly founded entrepreneurs in communities to promote self-sustainability and sustainable job creation.

Sweetdale Skills Center is equipped to fight poverty one skill at a time.

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