Education and Curriculum

Having the right programs delivered to suit your needs, can greatly enhance the education and learning experience for all attendees.

Education and tailored curriculum is a key part of any Sweetdale Camp experience. For school groups looking to combine both an active recreation camp with education and curriculum based outcomes we can deliver a program that meets all your needs.

All our programs have been designed specifically to suit year levels and most align with the South African Curriculum and the current Caps 2012.

Contact Us and let us help you package both your day excursion/curriculum requirements and camp experience outcomes together.


How do you teach maths skills in the outdoors?

Hand out the compasses and we’re set for fun in the sun learning how to find your place in space. This session looks at compass use, pacing, recording data and working together as a team. A great primer for the Radio Rogaine Course and can also be coupled with other activities for a split session.


Bush Skills

Bush Skills are a practical activity teaching participants skills and knowledge about surviving in the bush in an emergency situation.

It includes hands on activities such as fire lighting without matches, shelter construction, damper making, water collection, navigation, bush tucker and transporting a patient over various terrains. Proving to be a popular new activity for all age groups this activity utilises the natural bush land surrounding the camp.


Ocean, Sea Rescue

Did you know: The oceans occupy nearly 71% of our planet's surface. More than 97% of all our planet's water is contained in the ocean.The top ten feet of the ocean hold as much heat as our entire atmosphere. The average depth of the ocean is more than 2.5 miles. 

Bottlenose dolphins are common residents of KwaZulu-Natal South Coast with pods of up to 30 – 50 dolphins patrolling up and down the coast just beyond the breakers.
 Humpback whales and the occasional Southern Right whale are seen between May and November as they migrate along the coast en route to their feeding and breeding grounds off Mozambique. Learn more about the ocean - combined with a visit at the National Sea Rescue Center at the beach. The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) is a voluntary non-profit organisation in South Africa tasked with saving lives at sea. It consists of 32 coastal stations.


Biodiversity Walk

Take a leisurely stroll through our coastal bush as our leaders discuss the ecology of the area.

Topics include: ecosystems, adaptations of organisms, transition of environments, bush tucker & remedies, catchment health, foreign invaders & the impact of human activity on the environment. This activity can be tailored to fit into any environmental subject students are currently studying at school, and can be modified to suit any age group. Various environmental activities are also enjoyed to further enhance the Group’s knowledge and understanding of environmental issues.


Birds and Insects

Lovely walking trails through coastal bush and along the riverbanks of the Uvongo River provides perfect birding spots. Our qualified KZN birdwatcher will bring you a step closer to the secret of bird watching and defining insects.

Bring your bird checklist along and you’ll be able to tick off most of these feathered species: Green-backed heron; African finfoot; African black duck; Wahlberg's eagle; African crowned eagle; African fish eagle; African wood-owl; tambourine dove; purple-crested turaco; narina trogon; spotted ground-thrush; brown scrub-robin; and yellow-bellied greenbul. Some of the lesser-known birds found here, which you will have to be very patient and observant to spot, include the grey sunbird, purple-banded sunbird and grey waxbill.


Water is life

Water is life! How healthy are our rivers?

Water testing, investigation projects and sessions aims at inducing a concrete ACTION associated with an effective ECHO on a wider scale. The learners are able to demonstrate an understanding of nature of science, the influence of ethics and basis in life science and the interrelationship of science, technology, indigenous knowledge and society.

Woodland discovery session

Learning through the natural environment the group will undertake team and individual tasks.

Groups will learn to identify different trees and to make things using natural resources. Learners will learn about the various levels within the ecosystem with the tree at the centre. Mini beast and bug hunts as well as stream studies will bring to life the array of creatures living in the woodlands




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