Science Projects

Tailored projects to fit into any environmental subject of any given grade. We'll make science fun..
Biodiversity Walk – Water is life – Banana and Crocodile Tour, and much more Take a leisurely stroll through our local surrounds as our leaders discuss the ecology of the area, learn more about: ecosystems, adaptations of organisms, transition of environments, bush food & remedies, catchment health, foreign invaders & impact of human activity on the environment. How healthy are our rivers? Water testing, investigation projects and sessions aims at inducing a concrete ACTION associated with an effective ECHO on a wider scale. If you want the full Banana Farm, Coffee and Crocodile Farm experience we can organise your half day tour to one of the Banana, Coffee and Crocodile Farms. Your exclusive tour will take your group on a memorable half day in to a Banana and/or Coffee plantation, the packing and processing facilities and to the nearby Crocodile Farm, combined with exploring Banana processing and Life habits of Crocodiles and venoms’ Snakes with experienced and knowledgeable instructors. Price on request.