Meet the unique sweetdale team - 8 years strong

Certified and registered

We are registered with the KZN Department of Education, ZNT number: KZN215584 and we are holding the MDT Licenses for Experiential Learning Outdoor. All our staff has clearance from the criminal records bureau; all instructors have been CRB cleared. A written risk assessment for all activities and facilities is available and we hold Professional Indemnity Civil Liability & Employers Liability Insurance Cover.


What is particularly special about Sweetdale Camp Instructors?

Sweetdale instructors are experienced in working with children, teens and adults. In any given season, each of our instructors will work with hundreds of individuals from a variety of backgrounds. In any week, a instructor may work with a 5th grade group, a 12th grade group, a college or university group and a group of adults from a company or a church setting. This diversity in audiences helps them become more open-minded to different facilitation techniques and requires them to be well-versed in typical outcomes in all the activities we offer - teambuilding, ground initiatives, low ropes, high adventure activities and other large group activities.


What sets Sweetdale Outdoor Center apart from its competitors?

Tailorable Programs - The key difference between Sweetdale and other outdoor centers are that we tailor our programs for every group that attends. While our package still include the major focal points - Teambuilding, Group Dynamics, Nature, the Environment, Recreation, Adventure - any of our activities can be added to any of our packages. For example, a few schools that attend our full programs prefer the Teambuilding Camp; Group Dynamics focus, but like to add plant ecology (nature) and river raft building (adventure) to the activities for their students.


Our instructors get regularly trained and certified by the following organisations:




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