Challenge Packages for Youth

Sweetdale's Youth Camp is the total package

This package for Youth and Church groups is specially designed to develop the participants appreciation and understanding of a valuable team, to be successful in life with having self conficende, faith and trust in each other.  



  • Various from 1 day-2 night to 3 day 2 night packages
  • Includes all accommodation, meals and activities
  • Facilitated programming – day and night sessions
  • Night Guard on site
  • Suitable for all ages - each activity is modified for age groups and the aim of the group

This specially designed package aims to develop the youngsters appreciation and understanding of the importance to work as a team and to rely on each other. The unique natural environment of Sweetdale Camp gives the needed "platform" to work with young adults, to encourage them and to let them work and have fun together. This life time experience will give the youngsters a lot of strength and trust in themselves and in their colleques. Sweetdale's lovely conference hall, or the piecful places out in nature (a booma in the bush, or a place by the river), give the perfect place for a service.


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