Leadership Packages for Prefects and young Leaders

Sweetdale's Leadeship-Prefect Camp is the total package 

Offering an action packed program that combines active engagement of your students, adventure, personal development, and education outcomes, combined with importand Leadership Qualities.


  • 3 day 2 night package
  • Includes all accommodation, meals, and activities
  • Fully accredited staff
  • Large selection of activities: such as cooking outdoor, raft building, Project Management, engaged Teamwork: customised to strenghen Leadership Qualities
  • Suitable for all year levels - each activity is modified for year level of students
  • Full service program
  • 1 Supervisor/Teacher per 25 students stays free

Sweetdale's Leadership-Prefect Camp is a full service package where our trainers are with your group building genuine rapport with the students and actively engaging them across the whole program. Students will experience a variety of high action “core” activities, along with Project Management (preparation for adventure journey), developing strong leadership qualities through....


engaged Teamwork. They will get basic knowledge of first aid, Project Management and this life time experience in an outstanding outdoor leadership camp in beautiful nature, will galvanise the group togehter. We will do an evaluation and the participants will get a certificate which benefits the portfolio. Incorporating a full service, hands on engagement by our specially trained and highly skilled activity staff. Our Trainers are with your group building a genuine rapport with the students and actively engaging them across the whole program and its outcomes. With this full specially designed leadership programing over 3 days your students will get to experience what does it mean to be a leader and to be there for each other.



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