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Queen, Food and Beverage Manager - the “Queen” of Sweetdale belongs to the Sweetdale family since the very beginning. Queen has the special ability to “read the customers”, and to adjust our catering offers to their taste on a amazing, continuous high standard.

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Asking is this possible? Can we? No question or inquiry is unusual for Bongi- she always finds a solution and works around the requirements and wishes of a group. Asking about how and why? Bongi, our Marketing and Camp Manager is always dedicated to her work. With her enthusiasm and engagement she keeps the Instructor Team on top of things. Without loosing the focus on the most important: Safety comes first.

The Team

Meet the Team

What is particularly special about Sweetdale Team? They work with their hearts, full of joy, passionate and with dedication to the Sweetdale Philosophy: We don’t just try it - we do it!

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Sibylle and Roland

The founding couple and owners of Sweetdale. Originally from Switzerland, the two adventurers had a vision of giving youngsters in South Africa the chance to develop self-confidence, trust and the ability to work in a team. They are committed to going out there, being useful and making a change - every day.

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Following the footsteps of his parents, Sam blends perfectly into the team with his extensive knowledge of Hotel and Hospitality Management. His experience in some of the world's best luxury 5 stars hotels makes him the master in creating the perfect getaway at Sweetdale.

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Strong family bonds and a passion for youth have led Connie and her family to South Africa. With experience as a chef in 5 star kitchens in Switzerland and as a pediatric nurse, she develops the menus, trains the chefs, keeps the three kitchens on a high hygienic standard and trains the Sweetdale team in first aid.